Erin and Tom’s romantic Abbotsford Convent wedding took inspiration from era’s past. As a fashion designer I had expected the wedding dress to be one of Erin’s most significant decisions, one that would potentially influence the design of the whole wedding. She didn’t disappoint when on my doorstep one day she arrived with her breath taking Paolo Sebastian gown slung over her shoulder, to discuss styling.

As a woman who sets trends not follows them Erin had wanted to combine the daring match of burgundy and blush in her wedding designs. This may not sound daring now, but when we designed Erin’s concept there was almost not a single example on Pinterest of these colours being used together. Now, it’s one of the most popular combinations! Lots of gold, lots of bling and loads of flowers were the order of the day. We really wanted to pick up on the heritage of the Rosina Function space, the pale pinkish walls and dark brown beams.

A flower filled wedding arch was the centrepiece of the ceremony held in the Heritage Gardens with gold buckets of baby’s breath lining the aisle. Eric Ronald, their talented photographer, perfectly captured the ‘kiss’ when Erin and Tom had been pronounced “husband and wife”!

I would not normally consider using fake flowers, it’s not my style, but with the flower heavy archway and suspended chandeliers hanging from beams we ordered nearly 4000 fake flowers from overseas and set about creating these pretty elements. Tacky was not on the menu so we incorporated the fake with reals and I’m pretty sure the guests had no idea(aside from the gold roses, they may have picked they were not real).

Hours and hours were spent threading small rose heads onto long strings that made up the trailing chandeliers; their feminine and delicate nature really suited the old building. Gold sequin circular cloths filled the reception tables to add bling to the collection of mercury and blush vases. Each table had a gold animal instead of a table number and guests had to find their animal to then find their seat. Although, I later heard stories about some confusion picking the difference between a gold lion and a gold tiger!


This was my very first Abbotsford Convent Wedding, it was also the biggest wedding I had done at the time and all with a 7 week old baby. I will hold the memories of this event close to my heart, Erin gave me such freedom and trust, she allowed me to work within her broad brief and bring what was to be my signature style. Our journey lasted 9 months, so much planning, meetings and Pinteresting, she has been one of my biggest fans and to date I have done no less than 4 weddings of her friends with more booked in the coming 12 months.

“Zoe at I heart flowers is fantastic – she has an amazing eye for colour and really listens to everything you want. She made me a theme board after our initial consultation so I could really see the whole package. She was so organised and styled everything perfectly! Made our day so perfect.”


Venue: The Abbotsford Convent
Catering: Bursaria
Photographer: Eric Ronald
Brides Dress: Paolo Sabastian
Makeup: Caroline Massola