Planning a wedding or event can be a stressful affair but at I Heart Flowers we have various services to help you through this process. Engage us at the start of your journey and we can help with all aspects of the planning, including sourcing a venue and other key vendors. If you have started the process yourself but are finding it all just a bit time consuming and overwhelming, then pass it on we’ll be happy to help with the negotiations and make the bookings.

Large scale events that require set up from scratch, we can project manage from the planning stages through to coordinating all vendors and set up on the day. If you don’t have experience in  juggling large numbers of vendors we highly recommend you pass this on to the professionals. It’s also peace of mind to know that someone has your back, if anything goes wrong on the day we will be bending over backwards to fix it.

Wedding Project Management Melbourne
Melbourne Wedding Stylist
Project Management, I Heart Flowers Melbourne
Project Management, I Heart Flowers Melbourne

What you might see us doing on your wedding day:

Wearing high vis vests directing traffic

Erecting archways and building furniture

Laying cloths and setting tables

Lighting candles

Checking speeches, audio equipment and band set up

Ushering guests, mopping brows and fetching water

Constantly looking at our watches

…and finally making sure you have a great time!